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Wastaafu account is a tailor-made savings account for all pensioners. This is to be used for both saving and servicing Wastaafu loans. 

Wastaafu loan product targets both pensioners and Pre-pensioners. Under this scheme, pensioners shall use their monthly pensions towards repayment of the loans granted to them by the Bank while Pre-pensioners repayments shall be deducted upon payment of the gratuity amount. 


  • Shortest loan processing time.
  • All loans to be covered by Insurance against life and permanent disabilities.
  • Affordable and competitive rates.
  • No opening balance.
  • No ledger fee or monthly charges/ Hamna makato ya Mwezi.
  • No minimum balance.

- We will Contact You With 24 Hours After Filling the Form Below.

A/C Opening Requirements

You will be required to have the following documents :

  • Identity card such as Driving License, Valid passport, National ID or work ID.
  • Letter of introduction from your employer if using Employee ID.
  • For companies submit board resolution.