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ASILI Smart Saving Account

Living abroad and would like to save and invest at home? The solution for you is Asili Smart Saving Account.

Azania Banks gives you a tailored solution which offers a feel of Home away from home.

Join our Diaspora family today to enjoy account benefits and advantages that allow you to save in the home economy, invest in various areas particularly in real estate (personal homes) and help spur the growth of SMEs in Tanzania.

Please email us at if you need clarification or additions to the information.

Features of Account
  • Opening balance of USD 100 or equivalence
  • Account can be opened in TZS, USD,EURO or GBP
  • No ledger fees
  • Free incoming transfer of funds i.e. if they wish to transfer to other accounts in Tanzania.
  • Free inward transfers to account.
  • Free banking if balance above $1000, TZS 1,500,000 or GBP 650 is maintained.
  • High interest rates for Asili Smart Save account of 1% for GBP and USD and 3% for TZS account.

  • Benefits of Account
  • Free Internet banking facility.
  • Home finance with our Mortgage loan scheme.
  • Low margin when borrowing against Asili deposit, i.e. 4 basis points.
  • Joint account facility

  • Requirements for account opening
  • Download forms from and choose between personal or joint accounts and do please fill in Internet banking form as appropriate.
  • Fill in all the spaces provided, complete with the signature and right thumb impression on the bottom right.
  • On the reverse of the form, there are additional information request but optional, so if you do not wish to fill the top 3 spaces please remember to sign the bottom of the form to signify you have read and accepted the reference bureau literature there.
  • Please affix your recent passport size on the space provided.
  • A copy of your Tanzanian passport is required, and additionally you may optionally provide copy of your residence permit.
  • When you turn in your application, no need to attach money, you can wire funds to your account after we’ve notified you of the number and wire details.
  • Account opening balance of $100.00 or equivalence
  • We do not offer ATM cards to forex accounts.