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Azania Bank awards 3 lucky winners of cash prizes after emerging top in the ‘Amsha Ndoto”  2nd draw which was done on 5th September 2019 at our Sea view offices on Obama drive which started in June and ends in September this year.


This second round of winners won a total of Tshs. 8 Million.


Azania Bank Limited announces winners of ‘AMSHA NDOTO’ Campaign

Dar-es-salaam, September 5th 2019: Azania Bank Limited (ABL) has today announced winners of the second edition of the campaign dubbed, ‘Amsha Ndoto’ whose aim is to enlighten and encourage its customers and Tanzanians in general to adopt a saving culture in order to have a financially-stable future.

The campaign that runs for three months, started on 27th June 2019 and will last until 27th September. It involves the bank’s existing and new customers with the main focus being on two core saving products, namely; Ziada Account and Watoto Account.

In August, the first draw of the campaign was held by ABL and three winners were announced, winning a total of TZS 8 million.

Announcing this month’s winners, ABL’s Retail Banking Manager, Thobias Samwel said that the bank was honoring its promise to award potential winners who participated in the promotional campaign in which they would receive personalized awards to assist them achieve their dreams. “In last month’s draw, we got winners from Arusha, Tunduma and Dar es Salaam and they were all awarded accordingly,” Samwel said.

According to him, the winners of this month’s draw are:  




With one more month before the campaign comes to an end, Samwel said, those eligible to participate in the campaign are the bank’s existing customers with savings not less than TZS 1,000,000. The customers will then qualify for a draw whereby all those with the required deposits will enjoy 6% interest rate on their savings during the campaign period and throughout the year.

Congratulating the winners, Samwel encouraged more customers to join the competition, noting that they stand a high chance of receiving mouth-watering awards besides guaranteeing themselves a bright financial future through their savings.  

According to Samwel, ‘Ziada Akaunti’ is designed specifically for individuals as well as small businessmen and women. The account offers very affordable rates and the holder can deposit any time while able to withdraw after three months. He added that, ‘Watoto Akaunti’ is opened by parents to deposit money for the future use of their children.

“We encourage all the parents and guardians to open Watoto Account for their children so as to be assured of a safe and secure future for their children. This way, they will not suffer, wondering on how to prepare their children for the future”, said Samwel, noting that Watoto Account also serves as a yardstick for preparing the children to learn how to save from a tender age”, said Samwel.

The promotion, whose tagline is: ‘Fanikisha Ndoto Yake na Weka Akiba Ushinde Tumuwezeshe ada ya shule’, is communicated through different digital media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Display placement and the local websites. ABL has also created a microsite landing page for signing up of new clients and can also be accessed through the link:

About Azania Bank Limited:

Azania Bank whose former name was First Adili Bancorp Limited, and is commonly referred to as Azania Bank, is a commercial bank in Tanzania.

The bank was established in 1995, as First Adili Bancorp, by Tanzanian citizens, together with national pension funds and International financial institutions, including the East African Development Bank, the Swedish International Development Agency and an American merchant bank, Gerald Metals Inc. Currently Azania Bank is owned by the Pension Funds over 98% (PSSSF and NSSF, NHCF,WCF) and 2% ownership by others which are EADB as well as over 50 minority shareholders. It typically on board both retail and corporate clients.


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