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Jikwamue loan is a credit product specially designed for special group entrepreneurs who lack access to financial services due to existing business criteria from Financial Institutions and due to lack of conventional collateral. These special groups are women, people with disabilities, youth and professional groups (University/College graduates).
The loan is for business purposes in form of working capital & business expansion based on the borrower’s character and the business ability to repay who are informal registered businesses. Loans can be provided to registered/unregistered economic groups.

Benefits :
  • Minimum Group Members are 5 and the maximum 10
  • Amount loaned is from Tshs. 300,000.00 up to Tshs. 5,000,000.00 for individuals
  • Weekly/biweekly or monthly repayments
  • Maximum repayment period of 12 months
  • Favourable interest rates
  • Flexible security to be accepted compared with normal business loan.


    These are saving accounts for special individuals or groups like Self-employed women, men and youth working in the informal sector, Disabled persons with promising business or economic activity, Professional Graduates who are currently unemployed willing to form entrepreneurial groups with viable economic activity but lacking working tools and equipment to carry on production and Small and medium enterprises with potentials to increase production, sales & distribution as well as creating employment.

    Features of Jikwamue Individual Account
  • Opening balance of TZS 5,000
  • Free ATM card at the opening of the account
  • Free monthly statement
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Access to banks alternative channels (Agency banking, Mobile banking and Internet banking)
  • Annual Interest on Savings 2.0% above balance of TZS 250,000*

  • Features of Jikwamue Group Account
  • Opening balance of TZS 50,000
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Free Sms alerts for deposits and withdrawals
  • Access to banks alternative channels (Agency banking, Mobile banking and Internet banking)
  • Free account balances and 1 free bank statement at every month end
  • Annual Interest rate of 2.0% earning on Savings above TZS 500,000*