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Azania Wakala is approved service by well trained business entity and/or individual, allowed to provide specific services on behalf of Azania Bank as per Bank of Tanzania regulations & guideline.

Services Available at Azania Wakala :
  • Balance enquiry
  • Cash deposit to any Azania Bank account, free of charge.
  • Cash withdrawal at any Azania Bank Wakala using our Azania Bank ATM cards and card-less options via Azania Mobile Banking App or USSD by dialing *150*45#

  • Benefits of using Azania Wakala

    Azania Wakala network of agents enables Tanzanians to access conveniently our Bank services and enjoy below benefits and beyond ;

  • Save Time – agents services are queue-less and hence very fast
  • Save Cost – eliminates distances and makes it cheaper to access banking service
  • Available as close as at your doorstep
  • Reduce cash risk for customers who wish to deposit before moving or traveling

  • Register Now for Wakala Business

    Let’s work together to advance financial inclusion in Tanzania by becoming AZANIA BANK Wakala.

    Benefits of being AZANIA BANK Wakala :
  • Earn attractive commission by offering service to our big customer base country-wide
  • Increase customer traffic to your business
  • Bring efficiency to your business on cash management

  • Minimum requirements of becoming AZANIA BANK Wakala
  • One must have an existing, well-established and ongoing commercial activity or any other activity that has been lawfully operated and possess a current and valid business license
  • Must be operating at a permanent business premises
  • A person/business must have been operational for at least eighteen (18) months as evidenced by previous business license and/or other registration certificates, preceding the date of the application to become an agent
  • A person/business must not have been classified as a non-performing borrower by any bank and/or financial institution and shall maintain the status for the duration of the agency agreement
  • Must possess appropriate physical infrastructure (permanent premise) and human resources to be able to provide the services with high degree of efficiency and security
  • Application Letter to show willingness to become AZANIA BANK Wakala
  • TIN
  • Two Referees with their statutory IDs
  • Must have a minimum working capital of Tsh 1 Million that shall be maintained during the agreement and Agency Application fee of Tsh 300,000 non-refundable once agent has been approved and sign agreement

  • Once you meet the above requirements, kindly visit our nearest branch and/or fill below form and our offices will get in touch with you and sign you up for this biggest opportunity